Singapore named best city in Asia for expats

Singapore has been ranked as the leading Asian city for expatriates seeking to transfer for job or studying, according to a report published by Preply, a web-based language learning system.

Amongst the Asian cities rated by Preply, coming second at 6.96 is Bangkok in Thailand, followed by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with a score of 6.81, and Penang in Malaysia with a score of 6.72.

The record even discovered that renting a common one-bedroom flat in Ang Mo Kio supplied the most desired rental value for a lot of foreigners in Singapore, with a standard monthly rental payment of $1,268. Other budget-friendly communities in Singapore for expats include Sembawang, Yishun and Punggol.

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According to Preply, Singapore’s high common monthly income for foreigners, comparatively lower tax rates, safety and security and tidiness enabled it reach the leading site in Asia.

The report examines major global cities based upon relocation statistics such as month to month value of living as a foreigner, average monthly salary, approximated tax obligation, security ratings, tidiness, and the number of hours it would probably need to study the dominant language.

Singapore prevailed amongst Asian cities attracting professional expatriate people, with a consolidated foreigner transfer score of 7.2 out of 10, based upon Preply’s evaluation.

Nevertheless, on the worldwide phase, the city of Tallinn in Estonia took the leading overall rank with a score of 7.35. It was followed by the city of Bern in Switzerland which secured a score of 7.32, and then Singapore.

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